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Dr A. V. Gurava Reddy is an Orthopaedic Surgeon with over forty years of experience in the field of Joint Replacement Surgery. After an international career, he founded the Sunshine Group of Hospitals in Hyderabad in an attempt to provide quality healthcare to the people of India. Dr. Reddy considers the smile on his patient's face his greatest achievement. Quality time with his friends and family is what keeps him going. When not with his patients, he vacations with his friends, watches films, listens to music, and reads and writes books.

The Physician You Know:

After a successful global career in Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgery, spanning over four decades and performing over 4000 joint replacement surgeries each year, Dr A. V. Gurava Reddy wanted to give back to society by strengthening the healthcare infrastructure of India. This idea culminated in Sunshine Hospitals, a 450+ bed NABH Accredited, Multispeciality hospital in Hyderabad, India. Today, the hospital has emerged as one of the top hospitals in the country. He now serves as the Managing Director and Chief Joint Replacement Surgeon at Sunshine Bone and Joint Institute, a division of Sunshine Hospitals. The satisfaction of seeing the happy faces of his patients after successful treatment and recovery drives him to raise the bar further.

The Man You Should Get To Know:

Dr A. V. Gurava Reddy was born in 1958, Guntur, in a scene right out of a Telugu movie! His mother gave birth to him in a rickshaw while she was on her way to the hospital in the middle of a stormy night. Blessed with a loving, complete family he now enjoys babysitting his 4 grandchildren. He spends his leisure time travelling with his friends, listening to music, and watching films and cricket. With a penchant for the fun things in life, he is a self-proclaimed foodie, and now also a published author, whose humorous musings on life are compiled in his hit book 'Guravayanam'.


Giving back has always been a primary goal in Dr. Reddy's life. Throughout his career, he has partnered with many philanthropic organisations to bring a positive change to society. His nature of loving everyone around him drives him towards making the world a better place.

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